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COVID-19 Protocols


  • GL Cottages has appointed a COVID Compliance Manager and the officer responsible for all check-ins at the Cottages
  • GLC ensures a non-contact check-in through the use of a plexiglass structure at Reception, providing a safe distance between guest and Reception staff.
  • All guests checking into GL Cottages are required to go through an online screening desk at Reception conducted by the designated COVID-19 compliance officer before entering their guest room.
  • All guest's luggage will be disinfected upon arrival.
  • Guest's long stay guests, (more than 3 days) linen change frequencies have been reduced to lower contamination risks
  • A long stay guest may opt to not have the housekeeper enter their room during their stay should they decide as such
  • To reduce surfaces in rooms, all excess ornaments, softs (cushions, throws), folders, books, and décor items have been removed to avoid unnecessary cross-contamination.
  • A long stay guest may have certain items on request for guest collection – e.g., sewing kits, vanity kits, shoe cleaning kits, irons, and magazines.
  • Personal Hand sanitizer will be provided in all guest rooms and additional units for individual guest use will be on sale for guests to purchase should they require.
  • GLC has increased the frequency of routine cleaning for all public spaces used in common by guests such as doorknobs, countertops, and remotes for televisions/electronic gadgets.
  • Guest rooms will be thoroughly sanitized during guest stay and upon check-out. New room cleaning standards have been implemented   and cleaning staff have been trained on these standards, including how to handle linen and sanitising of bathrooms.
  • Disposable gloves will be worn by GLC cleaning staff at all times.
  • Room cleaning staff are required to sanitize their hands and shoes, and disposable aprons on finishing each room and before entering the next room.
  • GLC housekeeping carries out careful sanitizing of all surfaces, including phones, TV and radio controls, kettles, and all room amenities.
  • All guest's crockery and cutlery will be washed in deep high-temperature wash cycles during guests' stay and changed after every check-out.
  • On check-out all door handles, furniture, all surfaces, TV remotes, and other movable items, wall surfaces close to traffic/seating/bedside areas, and all floors will be thoroughly cleaned with an effective disinfectant and bathrooms thoroughly cleaned including all wall surfaces.
  • Room keys or gate remotes are sanitized after every check-out and before every check-in.
  • GL Cottages has increased the time between check-out and check-in to ensure housekeeping has sufficient time for thorough deep cleaning of rooms.
  • GLC ensures efficient bedroom ventilation i.e. effective air conditioning and opening windows after each check-out and during cleaning.
  • GLC will rotate room use as much as possible, i.e. leave rooms idle for 1 – 3 days (or more), occupancy permitting, to assist in ensuring rooms are decontaminated for the next check-in.
  • Every guest room will be left vacant for 24 hours before the next guest checks-in.


  • The Ekhaya Restaurant has a dedicated COVID-19 Compliance Manager and the officer who will conduct a screening questionnaire on guests upon arrival. The Restaurant may refuse admission if they deem a guest is a safety risk and follows the COVID-19 appropriate protocols.
  • No person may enter the premises without a cloth mask or any homemade item that covers the nose and mouth.
  • Masks must be worn at all times except where eating and drinking.
  • All guests must sanitize before entering the Restaurant premises.
  • There must be a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the guest and the waiter serving them.
  • Guests should also be seated 1.5 meters apart
  • Ekhaya restaurant will work based on a reservation system where possible to manage demand and ensure capacity limits.


  • No self-service buffets are allowed.
  • All individual menus have been replaced by an ala carte service
  • Restaurant tables and all accessories must be sanitized before and after each guest.
  • Where possible and while taking orders, waiting staff should stand at least a meter from the table.
  • Onsite consumption of alcohol is still forbidden, under the current directive.
  • For individual bookings, room service can be availed upon request to limit contact in the Restaurant


  • The number of persons entering the GL conference and meeting venue is limited to not more than 30 delegates.
  • GL Cottages conference ensures compliance with the requirement relating to physical distancing, which is at least one and a half meters.
  • GL Cottages keeps a daily record of the full details of all employees, delivery agents, and conference delegates.
  • Screening, Sanitisation, and Masks are obligatory for anyone entering the GL Conference rooms.
  • GL Cottages conducts at the reservation, a screening questionnaire for every delegate in the format of the form issued with published guidelines.
  • GL Cottages has set up a screening station at the Reception entrance
  • Conference delegates residing at the GL Cottages premises will be subject to daily screening before entering the conference room.
  • After screening, where necessary, GL Cottages COVID-19 Compliance officer will isolate a suspected person in a facility within the GLC premises designated for isolation.
  • The GLC Compliance manager will then follow the detailed protocols to handle the situation ensuring that the guest obtains appropriate medical support.
  • No person shall be allowed into premises if that person is not wearing a cloth mask or homemade item that covers the nose and mouth
  • Delegates must wear masks at all times except when eating or drinking.
  • GLC staff will sanitize delegates before entering into the premises.
  • GLC staff will frequently sanitize guests during their stay on the premises or provide guests with sanitizers for frequent use.
  • Only individual water and individual mints condiments will be provided. The use of containers or bowls is prohibited.
  • GLC will sanitize all remote controls after use by every person and designate a seat for each delegate and not allow a delegate to change the seat.