Proper diet, stress reduction, and good sleep provide an environment where cells can thrive. If any of these components are missing, the cells will be under duress and cannot be healthy. However, simply providing a healthy environment doesn’t mean the cell is going to do anything useful with it, and this is where exercise comes into the picture. Joints can easily be kept healthy and flexible. However, this won’t happen automatically. Certain exercises are needed. These are simple and not particularly strenuous.

Walking routes

For the safety of our guests, GL Cottages has come up with a few walking routes that are considered to be safe around the neighborhood.

  • The 4km route
  • The 6km route
  • The 20km route has to be requested with a guide.

Guests have the option of requesting at a minimal fee for a guide who can do the walk with them.


A mini outdoor gym is also available for all the Cottages guests. Locals around can be admitted a minimum monthly fee, please enquire within.
Basketball and Volleyball

Guests can book with the Receptionist for equipment to be set up. This will be at a cost for non-residents, please enquire within.
Swimming Pool

Guests have the luxury of cooling off in our pool after a long day in the sun.